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Finally ~
Friday, October 1 / 0 comment(s)

At long last, I got the darn html all figured out. Well, almost. heh. Insanely frustrating but its done. I got my shoutbox, my commentbox and the layout down pat. html is cunning, accidentally remove some code and there goes your template. just as it seemed as though it was getting worser and worser, good truimphed *yay*

now that I've gotten this big problem outta the way, its time to address some major issues in my life.
  1. Inability to go to school anymore.
  2. Inability to return borrowed items back to the library on time
  3. Inability to budge from my chair infront of the PC
  4. Inability to go to bed earlier

It would seem as though my subconscious is staging a revolt against school, cos I dont even consciously reject going to school. But I've been missing way too many classes, yet again

I used to have no problem returning books and stuff from the library on time. Infact I never returned anything late. BUT BUT. Things change.

I'm thinking if I don't move from this chair more, soon I'll get one of those chair-cum-PC illnesses that plague office workers


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