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Sunday, October 31 / 0 comment(s)

dawn is approaching, my haze is lifting, I'm recalling...

the past week spent running around tour agencies checking out available tours for the upcoming super long weekend... turns out all fully booked. so its DIY time :P
from a whole selection of bintan, cameron, genting and what-not, we've finally decided on KL, thanks for our xiao zhang who might be going there to be the examinor for the KL branch. Now all we need are coach tix and hotel reservations...

its been a loooong week, pretty much sleep deprived. my sleeping hours going topsy-turvy, very bad. I've got 2 ass-says and a test due monday and tuesday (ARGH). that aside, friday night was very fun, we went to dhoby ghaut's kopitiam for supper and chatted for a long time, spirits arose and 7 gungho people decided to continue the night at Mustafa and for some weird, unknown reason, me and feli unbashedly attempted to converse in cantonese :P which led to disastrous and yet hilarious results. the stuff at this 24/7 superduperextrawhooper mart are rather cheap, depending on what you buy.

at about 2am, we decided we had enough of Mustafa and sat down at a coffeshop for some tehtarik and to crap some more. JJ was hit by some slow-mo disease that wsls later caught on and man is he good at slow-mo (lol) at about 3.30am the 7 gungho people left for home and comfy beds. my personal best : 35hours of staying awake ends at about 4.30am

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