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a week later
Sunday, November 14 / 0 comment(s)

Yet another week !! what the ham have I done in this week... nothing much really.

but but, its the first time I ever spent the night in school. rushing project due on friday the 12th (not 13th, darn or it'd be so spooky) 3pm. at least I spent 22hours productively on my academic life. thursday 5pm - friday 3pm, record-breaking stay in school... unprecedented event (haha). and I even have some souvenior photos.

my shoes :) I luv'em

breakfast 2/10 nasi lemak

milo 0/10 I call it "tapwater milo"


Happy Birthday Feli

Recently I've been having a thing for the variety show "Wo Cai". I've been downloading the older episodes, the ones I missed when I stopped watching tv for a period of time. I don't watch much these days either.. I love Rainie. Yang Cheng Lin. What a nice name. Cheng Lin. very nice name (haha) and she's like super pretty as well.. cute and pretty. not to mention it's raining right this very moment, so its cool and breezy.. so comfy :) I've finally learnt how to make pictures with transparent bgs (YAY)

It's been quite a number a coincidences, for one, all my friends are sick, but me. LOL. Boy was down with serious flu and fever etc, now Friendly is down with flu too, Wsls is also sick.. woah that's a lot of sick people. Poo on the flu bug. for another, I just did my hair and so did Mr. Alphabets. Ten Dollars DIY Dye guy. woah, major rhyming going on. What a coincidence.
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