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28th party
Thursday, December 30 / 1 comment(s)

rather depressed by the tsunami news on tuesday. feeling low, i sat and watched CNA's new reports on the disaster.
supposed to go and help out deco wsls' house for the party. didnt go early. luckily feli was driving, hitched a ride there.
quite a nice little party, we had our fun with the gift exchange and sabotaging presents. 2nd time in a row i managed to get the gift without instructions (phew)
we had our Wo Cai inspired game too... 3 people eating some horrible food with only 1 person who actually did eat it. and we all have to act like we ate it hee hee hee...
chilli raisins were the worst IMO, feli vomited after she was unlucky enough to eat the real blue cheese (rofl) but i tried the blue cheese and it wasnt that bad !! the smell is worse than the taste of it actually.
by then, most of the people had left... and left with who else but the crab people again hahaha...
we chatted about misc topics... what dream house and talked about the food that we had eaten in the game... the last thing i remember we talked about project plans for next year...
4am @@ hahaha...

i chose and planned my modules for next semester today... added them in CORS. i hope i get them all without too many obstacles... its almost 2005 now. 2005. bye bye 2004. 2004 has not been a good year for me. academically speaking 2004 is the suckiest year on par with my sec 2 yr. nothing to say for family. i'm just happy all 3 of us are safe and sound, healthy and living life. especially after seeing the death toll rising nonstop, i cant help but feel that life is life. anything and everything is life. death, pain, love, friendship, birth, everything you go through, is life.

life may mean many different things to many different people, but as for me, i just wanna be happy and healthy. and i wanna see the people around me happy, laughing, smiling. that to me, is enough. that, is bliss in itself.

and i thank God for that. words cannot express the whole meaning of my thanks, but i guess, God knows anyway ;) I love you, my dearest friend in heaven.
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