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yanzi @ zouk
Sunday, January 9 / 0 comment(s)

went to zouk to watch yanzi's concert today. she sang about 6 songs (The more popular ones) from her new album. luckily me, feli and boy got to go in with wsls as he was given 4 vip passes into the place (yay) no need to queue to go in. she was on the stage practising a song when we entered. later on she seemed a little freer so i took the chance to ask for her autograph :)

her fan club was there and oh my could they scream. seeing them reminded me of myself when i was 13. ARGH.

wsls is encouraging me and feli to pick up composing class. i have been considering composing class for a very long time now, just never got to deciding or putting my mind to it. i've always felt that writing a story with music is a beautiful thing, and to be able to do that is really great. i dont know what i'm procrastinating about but i know that if i continue like that, my life will pass me by and nothing would have been accomplished :s i do think that it is a good opportunity. its not everyday that one gets to befriend a great chinese pop music composer who is willing to teach the craft to those willing to learn. really, my life has changed a lot since joining lws 2 years ago. i learnt things i cannot learn anywhere else. self presentation, nonstop self-improvement. not only music did i learn but also life lessons.

learning that a certain singer was once also very nuah like i am now, and who didnt like to smile.. seeing her today, smiling nonstop, that really happy smile, and the confidence on stage, so natural.. gives me hope (wah hahaha) that one day i can shake off this nuahness that i wear so comfortably everyday :)

supper @ zion. kuay chap. nice :) also referring to the convo we had. about L plates and Vs and Ps and AJs. monks and monastaries. alexander. rofl.

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