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Friday, February 25 / 0 comment(s)

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I smacked and killed 3 mosquitoes today. Actually, just 2. WHY ? because ONE DAMNED MOSQUITO TRICKED ME !!!!!!!!111 -_____- yes. I was tricked by a really smart mosquito. I've been suffering in silence for the past week, enduring itchy legs lest I scratch and create more scars on my previously untainted legs. apparently the mosquitoes love to hover around my legs when they arent moving and I had forgotten about the mosquitoes' miserable existence. the next thing I know, ITCH.

well, enough is enough. today I put my sharp eyesight to good use ^_^ after a few quick swipes I finally put 1 mosquito out of commission. pleased with myself I sat down, ready to enjoy the night. BUT NO.... no.... there was ANOTHER MOSQUITO. shesh. where do they come from. so with some further ado, I smacked this guy into oblivion for eternity. then I noticed a 3rd mosquito. WTF. do they rise from the ashes like pheonixes do !?!?!? jeezopizzo... -_____-

well, I gave this one a good swipe and it fell onto the ground motionless. I looked around for a piece of paper to transport it out of my window. As I reached to scoop it onto my paper, it arose and flew up !!! WTH !!! I tried to swipe it again but it was surprising agile for a concuss mosquito. and its still on the loose. at this very moment.
darn.. should have finished it off when I had the chance to.

mosquitoes aside, I'm in the midst of preparing for my much awaited escape from reality. escape from the temperatures and boring land. escapeeeeeeeeeeeee I wanna run awaaaaaaaaayyy. I will. soon. YES =]
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