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i'm tired
Sunday, March 13 / 0 comment(s)

jing pi li jin. totally bushed. i'm so tired.

wat's good. my horrible networking test that i know NOTHING about is over. my sports midterm paper is done. i'm significantly in better spirits than before.

wat's not-so-good. another paper due this coming week. weeeeeeee ~ just about wasted my entire evening doing literally nothing. the rehearsal for the competition finals at NUS was quite fruitless. nothing much done really. we did do our video "interview" so that's something. oh well.

i wonder if i will actually move my butt and go to the IT fair at suntec tomorrow. but i would really wanna get that dvdrw. and some ram. ahem. =P

wat's new. i'm watching this really funny taiwan drama. its called Hi-Fly. about pilots and love. yeah. what's funny is Celest's mandarin. its not supposed to be a comedy, though it has its light hearted moments :) kantang people acting in taiwan shows never fail to be fodder for laughs =P like wong lilin's mandarin, just so funny.
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