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Breaking voice. Breaking balls.
Thursday, August 23 / 0 comment(s)

Sherlock FOC 2007!!! yeah photos up very late... but i'm wols can...

no its not CNY reunion dinner... just another steamboat session with my lwssom family =)

Joined Starlite - NIE's first ever singing competition. Joined for fun and also cuz I've gone on too long without singing competitively. Losing the edge. Argh.

Throat was a tad dry when i went for the audi. sang corrinne may's journey... then... at the highest part... falsetto... my virgin competition voice break happened to me. O M G!!!!!!!!! wahahaha... well i did receive some good comments despite that voice breaking fiasco. i suppose there will always be many more first times for all of us.

will know the results as to whether or not i made it to finals on friday. rah rah~

Went for some pool practice today at nanyang house again. my arms are officially aching like mad. think my stance is quite wrong lah.. cuz all my weight is put on my rest arm... a bit salah.

this guy called jing ru gave me quite a few pointers and taught me how to execute a good stroke and how to break at the start of the pool game. managed to improve my ball breaking skill as well as improve on my stroke... can feel the difference... much smoother, faster and also more powerful...

pool is turning out to be quite a sport to be playing.
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