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Its been a wild week.
Tuesday, August 21 / 0 comment(s)

Been stressing myself out on the Grade 6 LCMM exams today... its finally OVER!!!!! DONE!!!!! YAY!!!!!! =D

Stress is very irritating... I feel terrible with the nagging thoughts nudging me every so often... its existence... just there... now its GONE =)

Plenty of events lined up for the week ahead.... Keeping very busy, I dont have much time to think or dwell on issues that used to bring me down... its a good thing!

Sing and played my song for Weisong Laoshi on Sunday. He passed it and asked me to make the demo quickly. Actually, I'm pretty slow in this aspect... been in this school for eons now... should have written a lot more songs than I have and should have done many more demos than the none that I have at the moment.

Listening to Corrinne May as I type this entry... Just bought it today together with Amei's new album. Love CM. Her music never fails to make me feel like crying/laughing/stoning/relaxing/zenning. Her music is that powerful. I wish to be able to use music that way too =)
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