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Thursday, August 30 / 0 comment(s)

I realise you and you alone are responsible for many things in your own life. The choices you make and who you grow up to be are largely dependant on you. The same thing could happen to 2 people yet the consequences could be poles apart.

Why am I acting so philo today hahaha* me and my group mates were just laughing at some other groups who looked so serious and corporate like during tutorial group discussion today... i call them the G4 Summit group. armed with laptops, notes and serious faces... that is the middle-aged corporate group whose jokes cannot be understood by us young and funky peeps. I wonder who will turn out to be the more fun teachers for students in future.

some latest developments in hall... i've applied to join 2 subcomms. cultural and sports. yay* \o/ not exactly sure about what the duties and things to do are.. not exactly extremely confident of doing well either... heck the results of whether we got into the subcomm or not arent even out yet.. i'm thinking ahead of myself... wahahaha!

the most upcoming thing has to be this starlite singing comp thingy. thanks to this comp, i now get classmates asking me if i'm the one in the starlite finals and i have to grin and nod my head vigourously. *Edit* wrong info

gotten to know a lot of quirky people in hall 12 and nie... must say this is a really fun life i'm having right now...

p/s: should i really buy a pool cue? hmmm >_<
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