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Home Sweet Home
Sunday, September 2 / 0 comment(s)

YAY!!! after a really long day, i'm finally back home... =3

chionged home from ntu this morning after a mac breakfast with van, ming2 and ah sun. felt like death when i woke up. not enough sleep.

chionged down to concourse for pool practice. rahs. all my shots were off today. terrible =x

rushed down to LWSSOM for my 3.30 class. late lah! sigh. planned to change into the DnD outfit and put make up during the 30mins inbetween my 2 classes... but since i was late plus i had a rather problematic student to handle... my break was eaten up *rahsssss*

was quite crazy in class today... crackin really crazy jokes... think my students will start to question the sanity of their instructor XD my UV class gave me a teacher's day present!!! so sweet of them =3 take pictures of it and upload it later!!!

chionged down to sheraton for Dnd. sherlocks hadnt gone in when i arrived... managed to put on some basic makeup before entering the ballroom. thanks for CL for helping me get a pair of shades WAHAHAHA... that was a bit of luck in the midst of a rather unlucky day =.= sherlocks look quite outstanding i think.. cuz we were ALL decked out in black and white HAHAHA... its cool man!!!

enough blogging. dead tired lah! goodnight ^_^
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