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Mid Autumn Festival
Thursday, September 27 / 0 comment(s)

So happens that it falls on the same day as my birthday. I didnt realise it until the day itself...

Pictures of the fun-filled night...

Group lantern photo!!! so nice =3

YAY!!! pretty lanterns =D

What was actually a photo of 3 people became this huge group photo *LOL*


Lanterns... lanterns... lanterns...

after all the photo taking we proceeded to feed the mosquitoes at the NIE pond... i burnt both my lanterns there WOOHOO!!!

afterwhich i went to meet YH to practice for the upcoming show on 3rd OCT for the mooncake festival... little did i know that a surprise was planned for me... mmm the lights were turned out and the next thing i knew my roomie was carrying a birthday cake into the music room!!! WAH... i was NOT expecting any of that *LOL*

very touched by how nice my roomie is... awww =3 this is the very cute tigger she gave me *hee*

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