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No-Class-All-Assignments-Week ENDS
Sunday, October 7 / 0 comment(s)

I wouldnt say its been an extremely efficient week of clearing assignments but I've done a fair share of work so far. Quite satisfied with my progress *yay*

performed for the first time in hall12 on wed night. mid autumn festival celebration @ the amphi. hohoho. sang jie tuo which sandar gave a whole new meaning to by saying jie4 tuo2 instead of jie3 tuo1 *Hee hee* that was quite amusing man... also did a duet with yew hong. we sang lian ai ping lv and i personally think it was a successful performance =D kudos to us, we did well *MUAHAHAHA*

performing is always fun, albeit the pre-performance jitters that i get. but once i'm on, its shiok shiok shiok ah!!!

bought my new seagate 2.5" ext hdd 120gb today. cost me $120. sobsob. spend more money =(

then i went down to the other side of bugis to meet C, F and J for steamboat. on the whole... the service wasnt very good cuz i think that shop is seriously under-staffed. and the buffet wasnt that fantastic either. but the crabs were quite good! and the soup was nice too... herbal pork belly soup =)

grabbed JJ's hdd on the way to indochine. connie said she wanted to go to a place with live band so feli suggested indochine @ wisma. starting transferring all the files at once *haha*

it was quite crowded at indochine lah! ended up at a small table with this angmoh guy who was kinda drunk i think. quite rowdy. sigh. i suppose he was just being tipsy and friendly. the service wasnt very good either so... whatever lah... =\

good thing was that the live band was super good!!! they're called cats in e cradle. lol whatever that name means man... the lead singer has this super duper sexy voice. omg. when he sang the first line of the first song "drops of jupiter" all our eyes lit up. really impressive.

he's from jakarta, guitarist from jb and the bassist i dunno where from. all very good. their rendition of "zombie" was insanely fantastic. omg. and feli says there's a live band over at clarke quay that beats this one. wah. must go see.
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