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Monday, October 8 / 0 comment(s)

caught the movie "shoot em up" today... for people who havent watched it yet... DONT.
kinda lame and crappy.

on the way into this mountain we saw this horrific remains of a car accident. i shudder to think of what the people in those 2 cars felt when it happened. one of the cars had flipped upside down and was lying on its bonnet just like in an action movie... only problem... its real life.

2 cars must have collided at high speed and one of them flipped. just looking at the wreckage already makes me feel scared. i hope that nobody got seriously hurt in that... although i dunno how a car can flip like that without anybody getting hurt =X

talking about injuries, i pray that my mum's left wrist will recover quickly too. Amen.

on the lighter side of things... I GOT MY BOLSTER!!! YAY!!! its so coincidental that the bolster i saw at JP is the one from gareen's dad's coy. lol. the world is too small.

shall refrain from making anymore purchases this month. spent too much over the weekend already =(

goodnight peeps ._.
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