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Sunday, November 4 / 0 comment(s)

thank goodness i went home friday. thank goodness i had no classes saturday. watched a couple of korean movies... had a good cry too WAHAHAHA korean movies are major tear jerkers man...

woke up late saturday morning... actually it was already afternoon HEE HEE... watched WO CAI!!! zomg when i heard from ah sun and mingming that ah ya is back on the show i was so happy... wo cai is so much better with ah ya and wu zong xian. cant wait for yang cheng lin to return to wo cai as well. 真的好怀念哦!!!

was late tonight. took a cab to rush down to amoi street. turns out the cabby also didnt know how to get there =.= and they say birds alike flock together... such luck. anyway he was decent enough to stop the meter at $13. good honest driver i must say.

the porridge place was kinda retro didnt feel like i was in singapore haha... they had already finished eating when i got there (opps) =x

headed to this place called the actors club or something like that... feli suggested it saying that the band and the singers are all paying customers... sounds fun!!! turned out to be pretty interesting too. its a mature crowd but the music is good and after a while i got bored just sitting there and listening to other people sing so me and feli made a song request and went up to sing "I Will Survive"

not very sure how to sing the song so it was kinda crappy but all in the spirit of fun and games!!! connie wasnt so keen on singing (aww) and jy was standing most of the time... listening to the music or watchin the Man Utd vs Arsenal match... they drew damnit!!! pretty exciting match for most fans i guess... sometimes i think a tie is the best result for a soccer match. honestly. its cruel that a team has to lose when both play well.

we left the place at 12mn. it was a nice night out with my matazz buddies =)

so many thoughts running through my head... but they're all random crap so i shall end this post here and now. ciao.

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