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after genting till now
Sunday, December 30 / 0 comment(s)

right after genting was our next big event: SPOP recording @ mediacorp.
preparations had started a long time before this recording. auditions were held to select choir member to sing along to the tunes IN PARTS!!! practices were held in anticipation of this show.

finally the big day has come and everybody is ready to record the show =)
they were quite thrilled to see Yanzi up close and personal singing a medley of a few of WS and SS songs that they wrote for her.
she wasnt well on the day of the recording though =(

recordings lasted almost 5 hours from about 7pm till near midnight =.=

the nice baby grand piano they prepared for WS and SS to sing and play their medleys with.

then we had our christmas eve outing @ vivo and sentosa!!! lunch... crazy last last LAST minute christmas shopping and the movie "something emporium" i forget the title... quite a nice movie for the fun day =) then we headed to sentosa for more fun!!!

powers of the world unite!!! I AM CAPTAIN LUGE!!!
i really have no idea who suggested this very "interesting" picture LOL!!!

Huancheng and me!!! LUGE BABES woohoo!!!

dont we all look like mushrooms with those helmets on =P


the evening picture @ sentosa's beach. i think the picture turned out nicer than i expected it too =P

the gigantic christmas tree @ vivo

countdown to christmas party @ dragonfly!!! we were all there to support our dance instructor DANDY in his performance =D

poor WSLS has to stoop so low to take a picture with me =.=

then its back to hall!!! MAHJONG!!! WHEE!!! I love mahjong!!! we played for 2 nights running woah!!! -although i only watched on the 1st night-

did i mention how much i love to play mahjong??? =3

tennis IHG on wednesday morning. argh. ivan's racquet is broken =.=
squash IHG on saturday afternoon. YAY!!! we won =D 3 cheers for the guys man =P


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