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Friday, December 14 / 0 comment(s)

Heading to Genting in just a couple hours time. Decided not to sleep so that I can sleep on the coach. Dont wanna waste good time on the bus doing nothing besides playing DS. Gonna wear shades and sleep behind them =P

The past few days have been pretty exciting. Interhall games have been very competitive and I think our hall is the loudest hall ever. Mel just told me on msn that she could hear our cheers from the NIE hockey pitch and she was located at our hall12 bus stop!!! hohoho...

Netball and basketball was super exciting too... I cheered till my voice was breaking at every sentence hahaha!!! Trainings have been packed back to back and I think I overdid it yesterday... after squash training my ankle was kinda strained =x and my right shoulder is still aching hahaha

well, I hope genting will be fun and I pray to God that we will do a fantastic show on saturday.

Back on Monday. Adios mah friends.
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