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Its been 2 weeks already?!?!?
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And people say "Time flies". At this point in time, I cant agree with that. I think time simply disappears without a trace. The only way to know that time ever existed is to recall what you have done in the past. Which is what I am about to do to prove that the first two weeks of 2008 didnt just go and disappear into thin air.

I remember playing mahjong like crazy every night. I remember the fun-filled Friday where a bunch of us spent the day at Sentosa playing frisbee and beach volleyball (by the way, i'm a beach volleyball fan from that day on) and then I got marvelous sunburnt shoulders because I left that part out when I was putting on the suntan lotion.

I remember the wonderful Squash IHG that we won, the lovely 3 hour session @ victoria's and the yummy crab dinner @ melben (a treat from the Lee bros too!) and the final night of mahjong @ ivan's mahjong den =P (we played till 5am omgosh!)






Ever since school started, it hasnt really occurred to me that it has. I mean, I go to class only because its on my timetable but I'm rather zombified. And for the first time, something worthwhile happened while I was spacing out in tutorial; I wrote a song! HAHA! A tune crept into my head and I was desperately trying to write the solfege on my lecture pad when my friend peeped at what I was doing and was mystified but what she saw on my paper.

5 2 3 - - 3454313 2 1 - -

LOL. And I merely smiled and shook my head when she asked me what I was doing cuz I didnt wanna screw up my tune and solfege. hiakz.

On the topic of music, I'm glad to say that I'm in the semis of Impresario 08 of the solo and duet category with YH. I've never joined competitions as a duet before, its all very new and exciting. For the solo part, I'm happy cuz many moons ago, I had joined Imp but didnt make it to the semis. This must mean then that I have upped my level.hee.

Semis 27th Jan @ Causeway Point. WOO~



Feli - Piggy

JY - what's that supposed to be?

AK - infamous -_- (sian) look with a quizzical brow

Steamboat buffet!!! Feli's "好介绍" @ 200 Tanjong Katong Rd. Its not bad really. The special SATAY 汤头 is really very special and tasty. The raw stuff are quite good too =)

My new dangleys hanging on my DS. Check out the really ugly TRANSFORMER. hiakz. had a great time turning these dangleys with JY that day. I didnt even notice the transformer machine until he pointed out that its really ugly. I decided to try for Optimus Prime... which I got! So this blue lump of uglyness is actually Optimus Prime. LOL.

Countdown to 2008 @ Lee bros' home (Sheena,AK,JY,Sherm)

The LWS Kohs, HK and AK!!! SAY YEAH!!!

Our order list from the pc. Adding those we took off the conveyor belt, our estimated grand total is 82 plates. RARRRRR~

We LOVE Sakae Sushi buffet !!!

Gungho Sushi warriors - GW and CK

Not-So-Gungho Sushi people - Ah Sun and AK

So sometime last week I went for a Sakae Sushi buffet with the 3 of them. One of them somehow ordered 10 plates of lobster salad sushi. we were totally shocked by the wave after wave of sushi arriving at our table. LOL. all of the same kind somemore. urgh.

fortunately, SOMEHOW or rather, we managed to clear all the plates =P and even had room for moshi icecream as dessert!!! MUAHAHAHAHA~

82 plates is by far a record for 4. hiakz.

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