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Post CNY
Tuesday, February 12 / 0 comment(s)

ok back from dinner...

watched this movie over the weekend... 5/10 stars... only fans and little boys will like this one.

My duet partner @ Impresario 2008 he's pretty good singer and mahjong player too!

the rabbit that has hair like mingfing2 wahahaha so cute!!! the rabbit lah...

mr piglet-flat-face. most mouldable face ever HEE... can be found @ cyndi's place.

this brings back bittersweet memories.. 20+ slices of salmon sashimi is absolute heaven... but this morning, i faced the payback... diahorrea all morning manzzz...

some of the people at the kushinbo buffet... we were there as part of the "kai gong yi shi"
after which we headed to weisong laoshi's place for cny visiting... and played more mahjong!!! but no money de lah hahaha...

jerry! he definitely made kushinbo lose money that day haha...

yo yo yo~ we're ready to eat!!!

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