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the "after" life
Monday, May 12 / 0 comment(s)

more T3 photos =)
Macs @ T3 aint that a cute structure?
I took a picture with the harpist Katrina (I went to this mini cello & harp gig @ the art house and I found the harp REALLY cool, what with the many pedals and the very beautiful sound)
the cello & harp gig event came with a buffet dinner =D
my new camera phone takes really good pictures of food. it doesnt look THAT good in real life =P
Fullerton. not bad huh, this camera phone =P

I dont think I've quite come to terms with the completion of my TP yet. More like, cannot believe that its finally over. I've heard that some times, the human brain can work in miraculous ways and block out the darkest periods of your life. Well, this period of my life is not quite blocked but its quite a blur and I'll settle for that (really, its better than nothing)

enough about that. I'm happy to report that I'm FINALLY BACK IN HALL!!! (Thanks Angel and Gareen for making me feel so welcome to your room) and what better way to start it off than with MAN U becoming the CHAMPIONS AGAIN!!! MUAHAHAHA I managed to catch the last 20mins of the match and also the 2nd goal scored by Giggs!!! so fun watching it in 57 tv lounge with the other people in hall =)

Let me bask in the enjoyment of all that makes me happy. After tasting the bitter, the most diluted honey will taste as sweet as the purest form of honey. There are mini explosions of pure joy going on in my mind right now =P

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