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The Chronicles of Nana: The Boy, the Girl and the Item
Monday, May 26 / 0 comment(s)

This is a trip I'm sure I'll remember even when I'm 100 yrs old.

The trip began with the 8 of us splitting into 2 groups of 4. Our air tix got put on different flights to BKK and I had in my group Clarence (boy), Pearlyn (girl) and Mel (item). We were supposed to meet for dinner @ Popeyes T1 but the girl and the item already had dinner so it was just me clarence and Mr. A.

we checked in and walked around the shops inside, talking and laughing about random stuff... (its mostly crap) before heading to the gate. WL the cats there were super kiasu about entering. they were practically ready to rush to the gate anytime lor... everytime a person walks up to the gate, the cats will rise, with their bags, ready to CHIONG. best of all, they really did run.

Mel brought sudoku!!! I buang-ed 3 super hard sudokus on the plane =( had to do in pen somemore. They just keep laughing at me when I buang sudoku zzz

we took a taxi to our hotel Zenith. so funny. the driver stopped and checked road directory, address and everything only to realise that our hotel was like 100m infront of us only. we got off and walked the 100m or so distance to avoid looking suspicious (room sharing). clarence got the room no. info from ggw and we headed straight up to 12flr (hall 12, stay on level 12 LOL) and there in 05 we found the other 4!!!

GG101 found the place rather frightening what with the hookers and stray dogs lining the streets. since we arrived at nana during the night, that would be what the streets are full of. but they had found very delicious kebab wraps sold by lebanese/turkish people. they also found the 7-11 (very important for supplies of food and water!)

some pictures of the 1st day/night in nana:

the 1st 4 who flew
our room!
Yummy! Kebab wraps.
we arrived too!
the kebab stall. does the meat ever finish on that thing!?!?!
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