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growing up
Thursday, June 19 / 0 comment(s)

i feel like i've grown a lot in the past year... staying in hall has changed me, going to nie and getting to know my wonderful qci mates, practicum and its pressures forced me to look at challenges in the eye and have a face off and eventually graduating from it all...

i have mixed feelings really.

its a new start. i'm taking over pratihba's timetable wholesale. had gotten some information about my new classes... its so essential to know what to expect. things are in a state of uncertainty right now and prathiba is out of town so i cant get to talk to her yet.

we BTs decided to go CP for lunch after meeting the P and the handover-ings. i ran into RT and KX while on my way to meet up with the rest since i had to return my bicycle back home first (YES i rode my bicycle dressed in my office wear AND HEELS doh) so we all had lunch at pizzahut... picked up some tips from KX about PE class mgt... i want it to be good.

then i headed to LWS after. saw jy there, sang and played the keyboard for like 2 hours (omg that feels sooooooooo good even if it was for LCMM) then when i was rushing off to city hall when i met connie at comcentre!!! connie mummieeeeeeeee =3 backtracked to LWS to lend her my vcds so that she could practice for upcoming show.

snooker =) with mel and her friend yx (if i'm not wrong about the initials) mmm i think i suck big time LOL. cannot figure out the angles at all... very difficult to judge and control... i want moreeeeeeeeeeeee more of snooker/pool and more of mj... our efforts of get tgt for mj fell thru again =( awwww


anyways i took 153 instead tonight... turns out that i get to kovan very quickly! but i think i just missed the last 136 which would have taken me right home so i had to catch the last train.. luckily i didnt wait past the last train timing... DO NOT want history to repeat itself even if its nearer this time at kovan...
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