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Post Happy Trip to BKK: Nana...
Thursday, June 5 / 0 comment(s)

i realise that i havent been blogging about stuff happening after nana... its been really a jolly good time thanks to my dear friends frm 12 =)

well well... let me use a time line for this

21st may wed: back in hall and sch. had my final qce class. i really do aspire to be a teacher like dr wong. her dedication to her job and pupils is outstanding. i think she has made a huge impact on every pupil that passes thru her classes and this is something that i would like to achieve as well.

also had dna class... i find it very interesting, mainly cuz i never took bio hahaha... maybe i'm well suited for bio and sciences instead of the arts... but that i'll never know will i? LOL... got to extract dna from a banana... it was pretty awesome and cool =)

23rd may fri: MJ DAY!!! got up real early to head to novena from hall. got thr on time but everybody else was late! hahas... tabao-ed like 4 mac bfs and went to mel's place (good thing she drives man haha!) then AL and PS came shortly after... mel had to fetch her bro to the dentist so the 3 of us started taking really silly pictures with 'bei guang' zzz lol! i conclude that AL is not a fantastic photographer HAHAS!

mel got back and we started mahjong-ing YAY!!! i won big. keep hu-ing. poor PS had to pay quite a bit of school fees for that session lols... well on a sadder note, we couldnt have known at that point in time that we would be getting to play with monkey bar hammy for the last time for he died just 3 days later to ant bites as mel suspected. rather shocking to hear how he died... for it was so soon after we had just seen him =( R.I.P

24th may sat: worked at lws. had fun. went for a movie it was indiana jones. it sucked. didnt like seeing IJ so old. like ah peh like that... run up a flight of stairs will pant one... so er xin. the most i can accept is IJ as a fit uncle... but ah peh is too much for me to handle i dun like.

26th may mon: made full use of the start of my mini hols. met XW at JP and we shopped ard randomly... looking at books in popular... vcd shop... ntuc even lol! after that i had a window of an hour or so before i met ah sun for dinner... just didnt wanna wander ard for so long so i impulsively bought tix for 'made of honour' and watched it by myself. incidentally i was chatting with mel and she ate lunch by herself that day hahaha... by now she's an independent luncher liao! MOH is a pleasant movie. feel good movie. romantic comedy. not bad =) then i met ah sun for dinner at crystal jade. ate my usual beef noodles lols... mr a joined us after that to shop for bbq stuff.

27th may tues: BBQ DAY!!! we went SS to shop for supplies. me ah sun, clarence, AL. came back and started the bbq YAY!!!

29th may thurs: KTV!!! gg, mr a joined us for a while... the rest of us ah sun, ggw, mel, ps and me, we sang our hearts and voices out man... very very fun =D the vids and photos make me LOL XD after that we went looking for a drink n some food. ended up at mac! lol... me n mel shared the happy meal n then it was rather funny when we took so long to decide which toy to get and the cashier asked us to step aside n decide!!! LOL!!! we worse than kids =s

30th may fri: met shanice, aifen and esther for lunch at amk hub. shai couldnt join us sadly... lol ate at new york new york only just the evening before and then next day lunch at the same place ahaha... the food is ok but the service aint that great... chat chat shop shop then they had to leave and i was meeting mel for a ball game! (watched too many snooker vids thanks to mel what with the max breaks make me gian!!!) so again... in order to kill time.. i watched chronicles of NARNIA: prince caspian ALL BY MYSELF!!! hahahahaha!!! 2.5 hours long movie and just nice to fill in the gap hohoho =P so in the name of research for my nana chronicles... i purchased the tix and went in lols... nice movie actually and i probably find it nice only cuz i havent read the book yet! hehe... anyhow, it was a great movie and afterwards i went to TPY to meet mel. shopped around popular looking for narnia books but didnt find the version of the book that i wanted. too bad.

met mel at snooker zone. on my way thr i saw this woman performing... quite zai lah but a bit lao pai haha... but quite suitable for the audience age group also... make me gian performing also!!! piang ehz anyhow mel was ordering noodles when i got thr. the soup ah... is GOOD! very nice very addictive hehehe. we started with pool but we were in terrible form. mel cldnt see with her glasses and nothing i hit went in. so embarrassing we decided to play snooker. i think snooker worked better for us HAHA! but mel's neck was straining cuz she need to see with glasses LOL. i went for all the crazy shots like long distance and going for the corner pockets hahas.. it wasnt until much later that i finally got my 'feel' and starting making better shots... but by that time it was time to go home!!! rahs. caught the 88 home =)

31st may sat: met gabe for dinner at mr beans. wanted to play snooker again altho my back was aching from the previous session. too gian already lol! too bad cldnt find a place with empty tables tho. in the end we just drove ard before heading home. talked a lot of crap on the way lol.

1st june sun: full day at lws again... then met up with ss and ac at katong for steamboat! shilin supposed to go but she got called back to work! aiyo =( super sad lor... so long no see alrdy... nvm we'll meet up again!!! after dinner we went ss' house where we chatted more and me and ac tried some of her clothes and took them home cuz ss didnt want them anymore! hees! its so great to catch up on everything thats happening to all of us =D

2nd june (OMG ITS JUNE ALRDY?!?!?!) mon: start of the horrible 2 weeks =( yeah i blogged abt the 1st day alrdy so i shall skip that but while msning, wilfred asked me if i wanted to watch sg vs uzbekistan haha... at first i was reluctant cuz got MAHJONG later at night BUT wilfred said chikwan also going to watch then can go back hall with him so i said ok HAHA!!! so i went. met them at kallang leisure park for dinner since i ended early (actually is me rmb the wrong end time LOL) saw jarren and yewhong there too but they were there to play floorball with some alumni hall seniors.

went into the stadium with jieming and chikwan. the rest were late. its a good feeling to be there in the stadium. i love the crowd and the spirit there =) too bad the rest were late and missed the opening goal albeit it was against us. i rly must say that our defense SUCKS BIG TIME. do we even have a defense??? i dunno man.. we didnt pressure them enough, gave them too much space and as a result we lost 7 to 3 OMG!!! so sian!!!

after the match everyone was like hoarse from scolding and shouting during the match HAHAHA... we walked back to kallang leisure park to get some drinks and eat... so there was wilfred, jiahao, xp and jy, jm and ck and myself. we went thr to wait for jarren but in the end we met up at kallang mrt instead LOL...

back at hall AL and GG were back too!!! =) i told them abt the LOUSY match i just saw... lol... then finally... we played MJ!!! YAY!!! =D poor AL... lost quite a bit... i got lucky and won quite a bit hee hee hee... started out losing and fang pao-ing but later on in xi and bei feng managed to turn things ard =)

of course we ended at like 5 plus AM so i was like a zombie during lectures the next day LOL... slept thru it all...

4th jun wed: PRAWN DAY!!! u know sometimes u gotta trust yourself and your instincts. i had already checked out all the bus routes and maps regarding the location of the prawning place. but we happened to meet a friend of al and ps's and he was living in the area so i thought 'ok lets listen to him he shld know' turns out he's quite wrong about the stop to get off at and we had long overshot the correct stop and stupid me saw the place that was next to the prawn place but didnt get off =x

anyway mel's dad came and picked us up haha... but no before mel took the chance to laugh at us bleah. I AM THE TOP PRAWNER!!! YAY!!! got 6 of em hees!!! =PPP hahahaha very happy. ps got 1 too altho she was damn scared of the prawn hahahas angel started off quite well.. she was the first to catch a prawn... but my 'overseas job' was quite successful and later on i sort of got the idea of how to get prawns so i didnt lose too many prawns unlike mel... think her hook was too small so the prawns got away easily... next time pick a bigger hook! like mine! mel was more busy unhooking everybody else's prawns than unhooking her own LOL!!! she even kenna cut by the prawn!! =x 2 accidents in a day... gg tripped and fell over a curb zzz and quite a few skin injuries dunno how she fall until like that.. hope they're both ok =) gg still complaining that it hurt last night... so many hours alrdy still hurt!?!?! ggw and clarence got the look of a seasoned prawner. only the look. hahahas!

anyway i blog until here. photos next time. no time! need to pack stuff to bring home. meeting the lao jiaos for dinner then heading to tpy for some pool!!! this time is mel gian hahaha... actually i also gian lah =P balls here i come!!! =D
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