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Friday, June 27 / 0 comment(s)

its friday. holymolymacaroni. YAY!!! WEEKEND!!! commencing my worship of the prawn god for a good harvest tmr =)

went pg-ing ytd. mel asked me the day before when wanna pg. i was like tmr? she was like tmr?! HAHAHA and so we went pg.

i think i've been holding my cue too far all this while. going by feel is not the best way to work on your cue action as i found out by turning back to look at my arm and i realised how far back it was. it may have felt like it was perpendicular but it wasnt! anyway i now grip my cue further up and its much better... it feels so different. not that i'm potting any balls though... my estimation and all that still sucks pretty bad... snooker really requires a freakish amount of accuracy =s nvm. i shall LEISURELY improve. HAHAHA.

and i'm blogging and marking. mark mark mark mark markmarkmarkmarkamkarmkarmkarm rahs.

tonight going lws pg. HAHA! need to practice for lcmm. memorize my lyrics please!
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