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back to earth
Wednesday, July 16 / 0 comment(s)

so after seniors camp i came crashing back to earth on monday. back to life as it is.

i'm starting to wonder how unhealthy it is.. to need that escape.. how disappointed i must be with where i am right now to not want to be here. still trying to come to terms with life being nothing but work and work... occasional play that is hardly enough.. is life even worth living sometimes i wonder why life has to suck this way.

they tell u JC will be fun. its not as fun as they made it out to be. then they say uni will beat JC hands down.. again.. FOOLED. uni sucked too. then its work and work sucks the most. its like life ends. whats there to look forward to now?!?!?

anyways... i'm just ranting LOL... check out the pictures i took on my facebook album HERE

took a cab down after work. they were doing the pool games at src. joined them at the record breakers. then there was dinner and some free time so we played MJ!!! HAHAS =P omg i lost big time... ivan won lor... win big sial... his luck too strong to fight HAHA!!

next day we set out like 6.30am =.= advance party took the lorry to sentosa to set up the beach games before the participants arrived. and then... me and mel GOT LOST. took us an hour to find subway!!! later on we found out that koufu was at palawan and the person who brought me there the last time was jingying LOL... well at least we got our subway =x

after that was back to the super fast lorry and back to hall... from there we went camp christine to set up the fright night props and sets... make up and all... we were all quite scary i thought... but its quite tiring to repeatedly do the same thing over and over again. after a while really lose the 'feel'. very tired at the end... we finished long past midnight =.=

next day super early again.. really cannot get up liao... got telematch and senior vs junior.

it was great to see all my friends from 12 again. i really miss the feeling i have when i'm with them. its something else man. something else.

think the only other time when i feel as good is when i'm singing or on stage performing... thats when i'm me and i'm proud to be me =)
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