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day 2 of long weekend
Monday, July 7 / 0 comment(s)

had 1 class at lws. fun class too =) i feel really fortunate to be doing something that i really like and when i'm doing it i forget that i'm working and its really fun. looking forward to getting this class to improve =)

after that i hanged around office chit chatting with liyi, CL, weizhenie, and my koh bro (haha) topic was office synergy... i wonder how things became this way... anyhow my stand is neutral. but i can understand how pple feel from both sides of the picture. its just people and people around people.

i picked up my gown for investiture at the studio. comtemplating whether to take a portrait with my parents or not. didnt take one the last time when i grad from nus. feel like getting one cuz it looks nice. anybody knows a good and cheap studio to take family portrait? hahas

went to bugis to have steamboat dinner with vic and bz. i was so early i went to a cd shop first... bought 2 albums. eason and corrinne. we went to chuan yi pin. had room for more pple so i called G to join us. he was ok with eating with strangers so he came and hit if off quite well too hahas. then bz wanted icecream. so guess what... ended up at the same B&J place as last night!! zomg... share icecream again cuz i didnt want to have to finish one by myself.

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