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Wednesday, July 9 / 0 comment(s)

more to come
tues was our investiture/convo/grad day. i was super tired. rushed by cab to hall to iron the gown. so hard to iron =s

met allen and xw before the ceremony started and went crazy taking pictures with all my nie mates HAHA...

then the ceremony started and i was bored out of my shoes. was on the verge of drifting off too dreamland when it was our row's turn to go up stage. been there done that.

i left almost immediately after the whole thing after grabbing a quick drink and some food cuz i was starving and almost dying of dehydration. didnt hang around to take more pictures HAHA... so i didnt take any pictures with my music buddies from QCI... too bad lah... but pictures are just pictures... memories and the friendships will stay for as long as i make the effort to keep them =)

as for today... i went to cine to meet my friends to celeb jerry's birthday! so there was joann, vicki, pepper, gabe, jason and jerry! korean bbq was the place we ate at. VERY YUMMY CHICKEN!!! must try the chicken there man... awesome lor... especially the teriyaki drumstick =) and the other type of chicken i forgot what its called HAHA.

picture to come later =P

after that was LCMM theory class at LWS with hc. pictures up when i transfer from my phone hehe... omg grade 8 lcmm is no joke.... almost fainted from all the intervals dim/aug and all the weirdest and most difficult vocal acrobatics plus harmonising and a ton of other things that we have to handle... rhythm is quite hopeless especially when its 5/4 time O M G =x

anyway i'm like half dead yet still blogging at this time i think i'm crazy HAHAS!

ok lah... goodnight!
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