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pa giu & get smart
Monday, July 7 / 0 comment(s)

table 21

yup. pa giu! played a bit of 9 ball first.. then go snooker.. cmi HAHA it wasnt until much later then i started potting better again -_- eh pot liao super shiok!

felt like watching a movie... so we checked the papers decided on get smart since both of us havent caught it yet. been hearing about how funny it is so should be a safe bet too.

zomg. 10/10 movie again HAHA is it the movies or is it me being too easily contented with the movies i dunno but i thoroughly enjoyed steve and anne's weird-and-a-little-off chemistry, steve's immense gift for comedy, and the overall combination of the spin off from the tv series get smart and spoofs from other action movies. too many hilarious scenes so i shall not go into them otherwise my entry will never end.

tmr. how i wished tmr would just hide itself and not come... let it be friday tmr, please?
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