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long weekend
Monday, August 11 / 0 comment(s)

long weekend

sports fiesta was fun... refereeing is fun... didnt get to play floorball tho cuz overrun time =(
after that met melmel for pg at sz FINALLY got to see my little red balls =D we were totally sucky after the long absence from snookering took me quite some time to get warmed up and start potting better hahas

then... very unplanned... we ended up mj-ing!!! oh la la!!! hahahas... mj with melmel and her friends jonathan and marcus. i wore my lucky RED shorts. YES. it was a good round for me =D

ktv on sunday was funnnnn! got to know my UV peeps better and basically just sing like crazy. then hung ard lws chatting with chenliang about PG and artiste stuff... playing with our hammy!!! then we went for a late dinner... me, hc, ly, cl...

joined DFC jam session whee... took pictures while waiting for them to set up hoho... took me sometime to get the settings right cuz the lighting was tricky in the studio!

see see!

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