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bye bye lousy week... HELLO HAPPY WEEK!!!
Tuesday, September 30 / 0 comment(s)

life is full of ups and downs.

last week was one of the down weeks. i decided not the fight it and let it run its full course... until today!!! YAY ITS OVER =D

and sometimes... i dont know if we just dont care enough or we are really getting senile...
4 of us were supposed to go bowling on the 21st of sept. it wasnt until today when i was trying to clear emails that i was reminded of it. turns out ALL OF US FORGOT!!! awesome what chemistry we have HAHAHA

i'm probably quite high today also because we performed for the children today =D did a hiphop dance had it combined with the belly dancers into a solid performance which i thought was pretty nice =D most importantly, the kids enjoyed it =)

happy week... hope it turns into happy month and happy year muahaha actually heard something wise today... think happy thoughts!
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