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Jane is marriedddddddd =D May she have a good marriage and a lot of happiness =)
So she is the first in our group of dunman gurls to put her name down on paper and also have the wedding dinner that officiates the wedding in the eyes of the chinese.

its the typical feeling one gets at weddings... (i've been to 4 weddings already) and boy are they boring!!! except for JJ's wedding which was very different and actually funnn, most wedding dinners are a drag even if they are for your loved ones and friends...

can wedding dinners be more fun to go to? can it not just be a formality?

anyways... some pix from Jane's wedding dinner =) luckily XM was there to crap with me all night HAHAHA!!

and it doesnt help that I was just at another dinner in a hotel ballroom just a couple nights before Jane's wedding. it was Hall12 DnD 2008!!! I went as Lara Croft. wanted to be so many different characters but in the end i chose LC cuz she's easier to put together.. (except for the boobs doh..)

i managed to get almost everything from my existing possessions... see see!

and of course with the help of angel who got me a rubberband and GG who helped me tie my hair into the signature LC plait... the finished product!!!

and Lara Croft meets with many fellow hero friends!!!

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