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ok... blog lor...
Thursday, February 26 / 0 comment(s)

so a medic was asking me why i didnt blog for so long today. ok... blog lor...

hahas! i think i cant really blog cuz its just been a swamp of W.O.R.K. and a flurry of activities thats been keeping my brain really mushy lately.

cant wait for MARCH HOLS!!!!!!! seriously.. you think you look forward to hols... THINK AGAIN!! nothing compares to how much i yearn for the hols to come man.
super need that break to catch up on sleep, which i'm losing as i type this blog hahahas

anyways going off topic for a bit.. i never knew that i could get internally injured by reading. well, there's always a first for everything.

right now what i really need is SLEEP. so ciao people.
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