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heng i went on with the BKK trip despite h1n1 spreading like wild fire everywhere in the world...

let me just say that the BKK trip was totally AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YAY!!!

I bought:

SNOOKER CUE!!!!!!!!!!! haha this blog post breaks the record for highest number of exclaimation marks can :P I love my snooker cue :) and I have decided to call it Mr. Q HAHAHAHAHA so cute right XD melmel helped me with my Qing when we went PG a couple days back. indeed i can feel the difference.. better cuing and my very own Mr. Q MUAHAHAHAHA potting is one of the best feelings you can experience ESPECIALLY potting in snooker... the balls are small, table big and long and the pots are tough... accuracy is essential!!! which makes potting an adrenaline rush :))) the best part is that I saved quite a bit of money buying the cue from the HQ of Mastercue... luckily we had a good taxi driver who found the place even though it was quite secluded. I managed to get an extension, case and the cue itself for the same price of just a cue if I had bought it back home :)

GREEN SAPPHIRE PENDANT!!!!!!!! for my mum lah..... think she was quite happy with it... can see her grinning a bit when i gave it to her... :)

A LOT OF CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES!!!!!! muahahahahaaa... minus the stuff i bought on behalf of a few friends... i think i spent approx. 450SGD on shopping, eating and travelling there.

a fair amount was spent on ERDINGER!!!!!!!! managed to find erdinger at TOPS at MBK. couldnt find it anywhere else at all!!! 330ml bottle of erdinger cost me only about 3.50SGD can you believe it HAHAHAHAHA we cleaned out the whole shelf... between all of us we bought 9 330ml bottles and 2 500ml bottles HAHAHA really drank enough erdinger to last me 6 mths man...

this trip is much improved IMO. lower cost and more well rounded as a holiday i feel cuz we got to eat a lot more and relax a lot since there's less people around... time at the hotel was spent watching ESPN on TV hahaha... it was the NBA finals and there were baseball games too haha... remember watching baseball the last time we went BKK too HAHAHA and of course idly chatting away...

but honestly... every time we got back to our hotel we were really tired from all the walking and shopping all day long. its really quite exhausting to shop full time LOL.

tired BUT HAPPY... thats the way to live life!!!
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