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and then the new term begins...
Wednesday, July 1 / 0 comment(s)

before going back to work i had to really go all out and have fun.

3rd day back at work and so far so good... i really hope to do better these next few months and help them with their grades.

last few days of the hols were spent in a really pig out way ahaha... sleeping till the sun shone on my butt as they say in mandarin. sleeping is really one of life's greatest luxuries.

the final weekend was well spent playing snooker and dancing the night away at arena with friends. fantastic music most of the time, of course with the conducive environment for dancing it was really shiokness...

but there was a fight outside the club when we stepped out. why do people fight? cuz they arent sober enough to think clearly obviously... so far i have only seen fights outside clubs and long ago when i was still in sec sch where there are neighbourhood gangs. it was quite scary considering that they were throwing dustbins and chairs at fellow human beings made of flesh and blood and very vunerable to injuries... these people who find a better way to vent their feelings... boxing perhaps at least its a sport haha...

spirits up! 20 more weeks to go!!! GO GO GO!!!
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